Who Can Buy and where to Buy Prize Bonds in Pakistan?

Who and where to buy prize bonds

Who can buy Prize Bonds?

In this blog, we have brought details about the individuals who can buy prize bonds. Whether he is a citizen of Pakistan or living out of Pakistan, every person is eligible to acquire prize bonds. There is no distinction among the individuals on buying prize bonds. Every low, wealthy, small, significant, thin, thick, educated, or uneducated individual has the right & authority to purchase the prize bonds. It is a chance to try your luck.

What matters is to buy the buy through the authorized sources. Buying Bonds through uncertified sources can harm you & can cause you to pay for them in the future.

These prize bonds are announced by National Savings Pakistan, working under the Government of Pakistan. Prize bonds of eight denominations are available, ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 40,000 premium bonds. The draw of each of them is held Quarterly (four times per year) in different Pakistan cities. 

Where to buy Prize Bonds?

There are clear instructions about where we can buy the prize bonds?

  • Prize bonds are available in all fields of the State Bank of Pakistan (Banking Service Corporation).
  • The original Prize bonds are also accessible in the offices of National Saving Centers. 
  • If the Prize bonds get shortened in the above-listed branches, you can visit the nominated branches of Commercial/Trading banks. 

When you buy the prize bonds, you become a part of the lucky draw of your purchased denomination. Winners get notified after the prize bond draw results get announced. The outcome of previous and upcoming prize bonds are available on our platform. Go & check them out. You can view the one which you want. 

Is the Prize bond available online?

No, there is no approved site for buying prize bonds online. Only the sources mentioned above are offering authentic prize bonds. Be aware of any online site which claims to provide denominations of prize bonds. They are all fake.

Is the Bond bought from an uncertified site applicable?

The organization has warned all of you, again and again, not to acquire Bonds from uncertified sources. In case if you bought it, the organization is not responsible for it at all. You are yourself responsible for it. That is why you must stay aware. 

Conclusion of  Who Buy and where to Buy Prize Bonds:

In the end, you must strictly follow the guidelines mentioned above. Otherwise, you’re going to be in trouble. You can view the other Blogs relevant to Prize bonds.

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