Is There Any Limit on Purchasing Prize Bonds?

Limit on Purchasing Prize Bonds

Limit of buying Prize Bonds:

In today’s Blog, we are going to talk over one of the most asked questions. Many of you keep asking that is there any limit on buying prize bonds? Can we buy more than one? Thus, to answer all your questions, we are bringing a brief detail in this Blog. We hope all your doubts get cleared after reading this article.

All the prize bond purchasers must be happy after listening to what National Saving Pakistan has clarified; there is no limit over buying prize bonds. Everyone can buy or acquire as many prize bonds as he wants. But not to forget that you guys can use prize bonds within six (6) years. After six years, that particular bond is of no use. In case if your prize bond is lost, nor you neither the organization can do anything. Prize bond, once lost, is not renewed. So be very careful about that.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that there is no surety about how many prize bonds get shortlisted for the prize money. It is all your luck that will lead you to win or lose. So don’t get disappointed if you didn’t get your name on the list of winners. 

From where we can buy Prize Bonds:

You can buy unlimited Prize bonds from the origins mentioned below:

  • Any certified Commercial Banks.
  • Branches of National Savings Pakistan.
  • All fields of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP BSC).

Are prize bonds available online?

No, National Saving Pakistan has itself confirmed that there is no source to buy prize bonds online. Visit only earlier mentioned sources to purchase prize bonds. Get detailed Prize Bond Faqs.

Which Prize Bonds do qualify for the prize money?

If you think your Prize Bonds can qualify for prize money just after buying, then you are wrong. Remember, only those Prize Bonds get a license to be eligible for prize money, which is bought two months before their particular Draw. 

What if Prize bonds get shortened?

If prize bonds get shortened at any near branch of yours, you have to wait. There’s no way other than that. So impatiently wait until new prize bonds arrive.

Conclusion of Limit on Purchasing Prize Bonds:

I hope it’s all clear to you. Strictly follow all the instructions mentioned above. Buy unlimited prize bonds and following the fixed procedure, get a chance to win the prize money. Please don’t be impatient anyway, wait for your turn until it comes.

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