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Prize Bond of 40000 on 10 Jun 2022 in Muzaffarabad

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Prize Bond Checker

The internet is full of online facilities that call themselves the free prize bond checkers, but most of them couldn’t provide what people are looking for. But you don’t need to get worried anymore, as you can get your hands on one of the best online prize bond checker now. This online facility not only provides you with the draw results but also give you a detailed list of all draws. Now, you can check all the latest and previous draw results with a few clicks on your device through this online prize bond checker facility. Moreover, you can find the schedule for all the upcoming draws of the year by using this prize bond checker. 

So, you can simply get all the required information related to any draw with this online prize bond checker. There is no need to waste your time visiting various webpages anymore, as you can get all the data regarding draws at a single platform. Isn’t it great?

Prize Bond in Pakistan

One of the best ways to earn huge money without facing any fear of being cheated and going through any scam or fraud is prize bonds. People call it a win-win scenario, as there will be no loss of money in any case. The Ministry of Finance handles and issues the prize bonds in Pakistan, and under the Finance Ministry, the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) manages all the prize bond affairs.

In 1960, the government initiated the concept of a prize bond and continued the idea to help the people till today. 

The concept of prize bond lucky draw is quite interesting, where a lucky one can become rich overnight through these bonds. and people can purchase prize bonds from the state bank of Pakistan easily. Moreover, there are many shops available that are selling prize bonds, but it is recommended to buy prize bonds directly from the state bank. You can get prize bonds of different amounts and win a big amount accordingly if you get luck on your side.

In Pakistan, the public authority reported around 36 draws in diverse huge urban places. These prize bonds have a unique set of numbers, and every series covers a limit of 1,000,000 bond numbers (1,000,000 bonds). The draw of each prize bond takes place four times each year (quarterly), and as indicated by the bond numbers, around 70,600 Pakistanis win the prize bond each year. As specified by the insights, people win almost 1.6 billion rupees yearly through prize bonds.

Denominations of Prize Bond

If you are a new prize bonds user, then it is essential for you to know about the different kinds of prize bonds. You can enjoy eight kinds of prize bonds with a different amount known as a denomination.

Every denomination of the prize bond has an exclusive winning amount as per the cost of the prize bond. The regulatory authorities proclaimed the first three positions for every denomination, and the winning amount of each position is different from others. The detail about the prize bond denominations and their winning prizes from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions are mentioned below. There are prize bonds of Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15,000, 25,000, 40,000 (premium) available in Pakistan.

Prizes of Each Denomination

The complete detail of all the prize-winning amount is mentioned below.

  • Denomination of Rs. 100:

The winning amount from the 100 rupees’ prize bond is Rs 7,00,000/-, 2,00,000/-, 1,000/- for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position, correspondingly.

  • Denomination of Rs. 200:

If you are having a prize bond of 200 rupees, then you can win Rs 7,50,000/-, 50,000/, 1,250/- for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position, sequentially.

  • Denomination of Rs. 750:

People with the prize bond of Rs 750 can earn Rs 15,00,000/-, 5,00,000/-, 9,300/- for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position, sequentially.

  • Denomination of Rs. 1500:

People with the Rs 1500 prize bond can earn the number of Rs 30,00,000/-, 10,00,000/-, 18,500/-

for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions.

  • Denomination of Rs. 7500:

People with the prize bond of Rs 7500 can earn Rs 1,50,00,000/-, 50,00,000/-, 93,000/- for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions.

  • Denomination of Rs. 15000

People with the prize bond of Rs 15000 can win Rs 3,00,00,000/-, 1,00,00,000/-, 1,85,000/- for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position.

  • Denomination of Rs. 25000:

People with the prize bond of Rs 25000 can win Rs 5,00,00,000/-, 1,50,00,000/-, 3,12,000/- for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position.

Note: The Government of Pakistan has decided to discontinue the Rs 25,000 denomination prize bonds. 

  • Denomination of Rs. 40000 (Premium):

People with the prize bond of Rs 40,000 (premium) can win the amount of Rs 8,00,00,000/-, 3,00,00,000/-, 5,00,000/-  for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position.


Anyone that is connected to the internet can check all the details related to any prize bond draw with an online prize bond checker. You can find the result of the draw of any year without wasting any money and going through any hassle. You can also find the complete list of all prize bond draws with this online prize bond checker.

This online prize bond checker provides you with the accurate and detailed results of prize bond draws from 2001-2020. So, you don’t have to browse various websites to check the prize bond schedule of different years’ draws, as you can get all the information on this single platform. If luck is by your side, and you win the prize, then you can claim the prize bond winning money from the nearest branch of the state bank of Pakistan.

This online platform also gives you a chance to find the schedule of all the upcoming draws for the year 2021. Also, you can check the date of any prize bond draw held in the previous year with a few clicks on your device through this online facility.

How to Check Prize Bond Result online with

The process of finding any details about any prize bond draw has become straightforward through this online utility. You don’t have to follow any intricate processes to check the results of any prize bond draw. A few taps on your device will allow you to get your hands on the error-free results of prize bond draws. Whether you are entering the current date or the date of a draw that was held in the past, you will get accurate results within a matter of seconds.

This online facility has also enabled you to get rid of the conventional method of checking prize bonds where you had to buy the list from the market and go through it by yourself. Now you can simply enter your prize bond number and press the enter key, and the results will be on your screen instantly. 

The following set of instructions will enable you to check your prize bond easily.

  • Reach on the at your browser, where you can see the 1st option to check the result.
  • Now, enter your prize bond amount in the given place.
  • Once you are done, enter the draw date on which the prize bond draw held in Pakistan.
  • Now, enter the number of your prize bond or the sequence of prize bonds (in case you have Prize Bond in series). For example, from 110000 to 110099.
  • You can also check multiple prize bonds at the same time by entering all the numbers accordingly, and then press the search button to initiate the process. You will get the results of your query within a flash of an eye.

Online Prize Bond Checking vs. Manual Checking

We are living in this world of technology where almost everyone has a mobile phone in his pocket. Easy access to the internet makes it simple for everyone to perform all the tasks quickly. Finding the prize bond results has also become easier with an online prize bond checker. You can easily find out all the information related to any prize bond from your mobile phone without going anywhere or buying any paper list.

You may have an idea about the traditional method of checking the prize bond in which people buy a prize bond paper list from the market and then read it manually. This method is quite tough and hectic, also needs proper concentration and time from the reader. That’s why it is suggested to avoid such hassle and use an online prize bond checker to save your time and mental efforts.

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