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Discontinuation of Rs 25,000 Prize Bonds by Government of Pakistan

Discontinuation of Rs 25,000 Prize Bonds

Discontinuation of Rs 25,000 Prize Bonds

The Government of Pakistan has decided to discontinue the Rs 25,000 denomination prize bonds from now. Previously there were eight denominations of prize bonds, including Rs 25,000. But from now, there will be seven denominations.

We just got this announcement through some sources of Ary News. The Government initiates this step by addressing concerns of the Financial Active Task Force (FATF). The Government took this step forcefully as there was no other door left.

In response to the failure to check black acts like terrorism, funding/terror financing & money laundering. 

Alternate for those having Rs 25,000 prize bonds:

But there is no need to worry about those having these Rs 25,000 prize bonds as its alternate Government will convert these prize bonds into Premium bonds. The procedure of registration will start by the end of December. 

Later on, prize bonds of Rs 15,000 & 7500 will be registered. 

Procedure of encashment

Here the procedure to encash money from your prize bonds is below:

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